Amazon Sidewalk is a disaster waiting to happen

And the default should NOT be that its turned on!

C’mon Ring - are you kidding me? Amazon is going to use up to 500MB of MY wifi per month without asking me? Sounds like theft of services among other things, like lawsuits. I’ve spent time and money to harden my home network just so packets I know nothing about can travel over it? Or cause problems?

People want to opt in to this train wreck - fine. But it should be turned OFF BY DEFAULT.

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Hi @jim77, we appreciate your feedback about this feature and will make sure to share it with the team here. If you would prefer to opt out of Sidewalk this Ring Help Center article has some great details and steps for you to follow. Thank you!

I can kind of see your concern. Although BT do similar where every home router by default hosts a public SSID for other BT users. So i could stand outside another BT customers home and use a slice of their internet. It’s a good way to spread connectivity, only uses a slice of speed and with no data caps in the UK it’s no issue