Amazon not allowing police to use video?

I just want to ask if anybody can clarify what I heard from the news that amazon (who owns ring) is not allowing video to be used by police as part of the investigation of crimes. I got ring exactly for the purpose of catching and identifying crimes and criminals against our home. How will we use our recording if we need to pursue crimes legally?

Unbelievable and we pay for it too.

Hi neighbors, Ring customers own their footage and may choose to share their footage externally however they wish in accordance with local laws and policies. You can download your videos at any time in the Ring app to share, learn more in this Ring Help Center article.


If you are in the UK or in fact Europe clearly you are still bound by privacy and and data protection laws. Disclosing to law enforcement is however perfectly acceptable, but if your neighbour asks you you to have a look at your video then you should do so privately, and if you have captured an event tell them that they need to get the relevant police authority to contact you and you can then share it to them but you cannot show anyone or give the footage if it actually identifies somebody for example facial recognition and number plates.
The information is entirely YOURS but because it’s often a public street then there are are potential consequences … however if footage totally on private property and for your own protection then it would be extremely difficult for anybody to stop you sharing the information, although not advisable, you could even do that on social media as many people do these days