Amazon Fire Tablets 7 and 10 inch in show mode

Does Ring have any plans to release an amazon app in the amazon app store for its Amazon Fire Tablets?

Also is there going to be any intergation for Amazon Fire Tablets in show mode? As essential that are like the amazon echo show.

At the moment we can only ask Alexa to show a device but no intergration. i.e. its one way viewing with no interaction with the device?

Hi there, @vwgti888, thanks for reaching out! While we do not have the Ring app in the Amazon App Store right now, it may be a good idea to reach out to Amazon support and pass on the idea to them, as we would love to be integrated into their App Store as well. I will make sure to pass your idea up, but we will be posting updates in our announcements page if something like this ever does come along, so please stay posted!