Amazon Echo show Vs amazon Fire Tablet

Has anyone noticed that the Amazon Echo Show has more and enhanced ring functionality than the Amazon fire tablets.

My Amazon Fire Tablets integration with Ring is purely view only with no integration. However, on the Amazon Echo Show (Android based) has a lot more functionality I.e. speak through cams

I would have thought the Amazon Fire Tablets would have full integration ??? Given its the full amazon android OS ???

Here is exactly what’s available on what device.
Looks like tablets only allow video for now.
I don’t know if you can also just add the Ring app so you could also answer by voice.

I guess in theory you could hack the amazon firetable so it uses the google app store and then I assume from there you could installed the Ring App.

Its very interesting that the Amazon App Store doesnt provide access or a version of the Ring Andriod App.

The reason why I brought this up is because the Amazon Fire Tablets have a “show” mode now and in theory behaviour like an amazon echo show when docked or plugged. So I thought the functionality would be available

Maybe not …


Odd indeed. But you can very easily install the Google play store and apps if you do a quick search for it. I’ve done it in the past a few years ago for someone…

Hello All

I just wanted to provide an update on the Amazon Store you can now download the Rapid Ring for Amazon Tables now. It’s not alexa integration, but access to the original andriod Rapid Ring App.

Hopefully, the release the full ring app on Amazon Store soon.

Thank you Ring / Amazon for listening



Or maybe in the future they can release full Alexa intergration to the Amazon TAblets in show mode similar to the Amazon Echo Show

Anyway good progress forward

Hi, I’m looking at the simple basic Ring for my door. Want I to connect to my Amazon Fire 8 tablet about 2 years old. Will someone tell me yes it will work?

You can now download the rapid ring app from the amazon App Store so it works on amazon tablets