Amazon Echo Show 8 and all my Ring Devices Live View

Hi Ring and All

I just bought an Amazon Echo Show 8 as I was made aware that there was now live view intergration with Ring devices and the Amazon Echo Show 8 displaying live view.

I have:
Ring Classic Original Doorbell
4 Ring Spot light Cams with Solar
2 Stick Up cams battery with solar 2nd generation

I have set these all up in the alexa app but still just get the audio alexa message instead of the live view on my Amazon Echo Show 8. Is the live view functionality actually live?

Attached my screen dumps of my Amazon Echo Show 8 set up. It clearly says live view should work for my devices


Hi @vwgti888! This feature should certainly be working as long as you have the compatible Ring and Alexa devices listed in our help center article here. Thank you for including the screen shots which confirm you seem to have set these devices and skills up properly.

For reference on recommend steps to obtain this functionality, check out these steps for using Alexa to control your Ring devices. If you’ve followed these steps, and video operation is not working with your Echo device, please ensure your wifi signal strength, or RSSI, is sufficient for video communication. I recommend also trying to remove and re-add the skill, app, or device to the app, to see if this improves connection. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Hi Marley

What I meant is the auto live view on the Amazon Echo Show 8.

I understand the Alexa / Ring skill now auto starts the live view on doorbell / Spotlight Cam or stick up cam motion.

The Amazon echo show 8 works when I say “alexa show me front door <other ring device names>”. this works fines

But I understand the Amazon Echo Show now auto shows the live view on motion detection



That is correct! To specify, the Echo Show will automatically display video for only a Video Doorbell and only on a button press.

At this time motion or live view on your Echo or Alexa devices, must be initiated via voice command and routine/ skill (I.e. “Alexa show me the front door”), unless it is a button press on a Video Doorbell.


thanks for the update

  1. Are there any plans to enable auto liveview motion alerts on the echo shows? For the spotlight cam devices

  2. Also on my ring account I have two separate sites locations (houses) and hence at each a video doorbell at each site.

The site where the echo show is based the video doorbell when pressed invokes automatic live view. But the other site when the doorbell is pressed the echo show just announces the doorbell has been pressed instead of auto liveview.



No plans at the moment for the first question, @vwgti888, however, we will certainly keep you posted! For your second point, are you by chance a Shared User for that second location or the primary owner for both? Automatic Live View doesn’t work for shared users, just for the owner. Let me know!

I’m the primary owner for both locations.