Allow Motion Alerts for specific zones while others just do recordings

It would be great to get alerts on one zone and be able to record only other ones. My mailbox was broken the other day and do not have a recording of it since I do not want motion alerts for that area due to too much activity on sidewalk, my kids playing in my yard and sorrounding areas. I still want motion alerts for anyone who comes to my door so I made my zone do only my front porch area with the motion alerts turned on.

Another possiblity is two be able to have the schedules be able to choose which zone it is for. It would be great if you could create different schedules for different zones. Example may be having motion alerts just near the front of your house during the day but having alerts for a bigger zone / zone 2 at night.


I came here to post this. Having notifications on a per-zone basis would be wonderful.

I would also like to see those events be a different colour, in the timeline. For example, a normal recording is blue… but a notified recording could be red.

Me too’ing this one. I like being able to record my front yard, but if someone is in my driveway i want to be alerted.

Same here, just got the wired spotlight camera installed.
Would be great to simply record sidewalk/road and just get notifications if someone/something moves on the driveway or at thefront door.

I’d like to be able to set motion schedules per zone. At night I want it to record traffic on the street, but during day there’s too much so I’d like that zone to be disabled. Right now ‘motion schedule’ is not zone specific and disable all your zones.

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I would like this too. My wifes car was broken into but as it’s on street I didn’t have a recording, just a picture. I’ve changed the motion area to the cover the car but now motion alerts are turned off as there is constant motion. Coupled with this is the reqiurement to search through videos more easily.

I wondered why one would have more than one Motion Zone, since Notification and recording is identical on every zone. Ring Tech told me: _“There are multiple Motion Zones so that neighbors can choose where they want to be notified of motion.” _

OK, that answers the question, but I am with each of you who posted in this suggestion dialog. Ring, please allow us to create Motion Zones that can be configured such as:

Motion Zone 1 - record every event and send notification

Motion Zone 2 - record every event but DON’T send notification

For example: my Ring Pro can see the front porch, yard, street, and neighbor’s house across the street. If someone would run over my mailbox by the curb, I’d like that to be recorded, but then being in Motion Zone 2, the steady flow of cars and pedestrians would cause far too many notifications.

_…_I’m not sure what the options are for neighbors because I have that feature turned off. The house directly across the street has a Ring Doorbell, and I’m not interested in seeing them come and go, even though I could.

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+1 for adding this feature. It really seems silly that it can’t do this already.