Allow more options when a flood sensor is triggered

The flood sensor allows to configure the notification sound when an alarm is triggered. However it does not allow to set the volume. My base station and my keypads are set to a medium volume as I don’t want them to scream at us every time we change the mode. The notification sound from the flood sensor however should be played in max volume as I WANT TO HEAR IT. Even worse the sound is played ONLY ONCE and then nothing happens for 5min. A short sound at medium volume - chances that we will miss a flood alarm (especially at night) are very high.

To me it should be possible to treat a water alarm same as a fire alarm. So I have 3 suggestions/requests that each would help to get there a bit closer:

  1. Allow to set the volume of the flood alarm notification sound for base station / keypads.
  2. Allow to change the notification period (currently fixed to 5min), maybe something like 1h / 30m / 15m / 10m / 5m / 1m / 0 (instant repeat).
  3. Allow a general setting for the flood sensor that treats water alarms like fire alarms. So if an alarm is triggered, the fire siren goes off etc. like when a fire sensor is activated.