Allow Blink cameras to be armed when Ring Alarm is armed

Now that Amazon owns both Ring and Blink, why do we not have better integration between the two? I have to manually arm my indoor Blink cameras, separately from Ring. Please consider allowing Ring status to control Blink camera status, either via Alexa or directly within the Ring app.


“I currently own a Ring Doorbell camera which I installed last week. Very impressed with it. I also ordered a number of BLINK Outdoor cameras, which I am waiting to receive from Amazon. Will I be able to add the new blink cameras to the Ring subscription service? Can Ring devices be added to the Blink subscriptions service. I know you are both owned by Amazon. By the way, this is not a matter of which service is cheaper, but more a question of can both Blink and Ring exist on the same plan. Thanks!!”

I second this request. Now that Amazon owns both systems, the Blink cameras should be available in the Ring Security app.