Allow arming countdown to start with defined entry/exit open without requiring bypass

Arm/disarm with the phone App from the driveway. Also more secure as your garage does not have to be a delay sensor.

When a sensor is left open, the keypad currently states that a sensor is open and to press the lit check button to bypass it. I would rather not have this option at all and prefer that the system refuse to arm via the keypad.

My situation is that I am using this system in a community center environment where the members are often non-English speaking and older, not tech-savvy people. The verbal prompt is often misunderstood and the lit check mark just looks like a “Yes, please confirm arm” button.

Even the English speaking persons miss the verbal prompt - especially when there is background noise. Like many other threads in this forum, some also assume that the bypassed sensor will be re-armed later as that is how their home security system works.

So, my preference is an option in the app to disable the bypassing sensors feature for the keypad. If the system doesn’t alarm, my community members will check all the sensors before trying again because that is how the old system worked so they are used to it. This isn’t needed in the app because there are pop up notifications and the app users can see all the sensors at a glance.

There is another request asking for this same feature so you could arm your Ring from the KEYPAD when standing next to your open front main door. So you kids can go out first and you can keep the door open to keep an eye on them while you arm the system. You need an option to skip the sensor warning and as you say simply arm when the door sensor closes during the exit delay.

Would be nice to be able to bypass a sensor from the app once the alarm is armed. I have occasionally forgotten to bypass the door sensor for when the dog walker comes to collect the dog. I have remembered and had to set the alarm to disarmed for the duration.

The Sensor Bypass feature will alert us if a sensor is malfunctioning, or is ‘open’ ( in the case of a Main Door sensor ) when arming the alarm. If a Main Door is simply open then the alarm cannot be fully armed.

I think it would be a an enhancement to be able to ‘ignore’ the Sensor Bypass alert on the Main Door only ( with a button press ? ) when the Main Door is closed. This would allow the alarm to be armed then the Main Door is open and for the Alarm to armed after leaving the building and closing the Main Door. For many who have their keypads by the front door, that would be helpful

You should be able to have your entry-exit door open when you set the alarm on the keypad. My keypad is in the hallway and the entry-exit door is the door from the hallway to the porch. So to set the alarm on the keypad I first have to close the entry-exit door (whilst remaining on the inside of the hallway), only once I’ve set the alarm can I open, walk through and close the entry-exit door as part of the alarm countdown.

While I agree this would be a good idea, I believe the reason it is the way it is is cause of the potential to forget you have an open door or window, thus leaving your home vunerable to intrusion. Also I believe this is also a way for the alarm to insure all sensors are active amd working properly prior to arming.

I would sugest setting the exit delay to a longer time, thus giving you adequate time to exit

Some alarms I’ve seen handle entry doors specially; they will auto-bypass the sensor (with an audible warning) if the door is open during arming, but will re-activate it if the sensor is closed during the exit delay. Typically, non-entry sensors will prevent arming without an explicit bypass.

This is something that needs implementing and PhilP is correct in the way it should function. Only the entry/exit sensors should be allowed to be open when setting. If after the exit delay the sensor is still open it could even send a notification to let you know so that would cover faulty sensors.

It is ridiculous that there isn’t a way to open the door to let a pet in or out while the system is armed.

Please add a feature that will allow me to push a button on the keypad or directly on the contact sensor and be able to open the door without having to disarm and then re-arm the alarm. Something like a 30 second bypass would be sufficient.

A constant bugbear of the Ring alarm system for me is the way the system arms when the main front door (and hense sensor) is open. My familiy’s typical use case when we are all leaving is for the front door to be open and the last person out arms the alarm. If you try this either the front door sensor needs to be bypassed or the whole thing fails to arm. I want an open that allows the system to arm with the door sensor enabled even if the door is open when the alarm is set i.e. during the exit delay period. This is how all my previous alarms sytems worked. Help.

Hey Neighbors! I’d like to share this Help Center article here about the Ring Alarm Quick Exit. This new feature allow you to open a door without Disarming the Alarm and setting off your Alarm by using the button on your Contact Sensor. Be sure to update your Ring app and let us know how you like this feature! :slight_smile:


Extremely annoying problem - I really hope for this feature,

The Quick Exit Feature does not help here.

Thanks for doing this and best regards

Great to see new features such as this - thank you - but unfortunately it does not address the ask in this thread at all.

The new Quick Exit feature is all about making it easier to leave the house / let a pet out when the alarm is in “Home” mode - for example, at night time. By contrast, this thread is about making it easier to leave the house under more typical circumstances, ie. going from “Disarmed” to “Away”, by allowing a Main Door contact sensor to be open during the process (without needing to bypass it).


This is very annoying. If the sensor is bypassed but the door is closed in the meanwhile and before the timeout to arm the system, it should be considered a valid sensor and should be armed.

Please consider doing this!!!

Isn’t this a simple basic feature to implement?? Why are we still discussing this after 2 or 3 years? this should already have been resolved . Customers demands!!!