Allow arming countdown to start with defined entry/exit open without requiring bypass

Does Ring ever give insight if problems like this are addressed or not?

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Please fix. It’s really annoying. I love going out with the kids and leaving the phone behind. Please let the main door sensor be armed once the exit time has expired

This has got to be a simple fix, come on ring. I literally have to shut the door on my kids outside to arm the alarm

Agree with everyone here. It is in really irritating to have to close the door and return to the keypad. The fix is simple. Arm the system at the end of the countdown period. Any sensor not as required triggers the alarm.

The concern may be that someone drives off and leaves a screaming siren behind them 15s later, with a callout initiated because they didn’t close the kitchen window or something .

To deal with this the alarm should say which sensor requires bypass. e.g. “front door open “. Ignore and leave. Alarm arms after countdown. Or, “Bathroom window open”. Oops, better rectify that.

Come on Ring


Just installed system and found this annoying flaw. Looks like customer support just reply with platitudes. It’s such a simple thing to fix so why is this discussion going on for 18 months. System may be going back.

Thank goodness I found this feature request and associated issue (Front door requires bypass if open - #69 by YetAnotherUsername). Was about to drop £289 on the XL pack with siren but I’ll wait until this is fixed. With kids we’ll hardly ever arm with the door shut, and getting them to remember to do this on their way out just won’t happen - the system will end up unarmed.

It’s nearly 2 years since I originally posted about this. Front door requires bypass if open

It’s nice to see some other requests have been implemented e.g. outdoor camera to work as alarm sirens, which shows Ring/Amazon do listen, so I wonder why this issue still remains?