Allow arming countdown to start with defined entry/exit open without requiring bypass

Extremely annoying problem - I really hope for this feature

This is a really irritating issue. Our decades old Texecom system allowed us to arm with the front door open which is almost always what we want to do. Everyone starts leaving and whoever’s last out arms the alarm. Except now of course that means the front door sensor is inactive :slightly_frowning_face:

It is good to see I am not the only one who thinks it is ridiculous this is not a “feature”. I first posted about this Jan 2020 and after months of nothing decided to add a feature request, something I wish I had done sooner. Wondering if anything would ever be done to fix this, I recently called Ring and they would not even acknowledge this is an issue and refused to escalate it.

Black Friday has just passed, and Ring keep emailing me with offers on cameras etc. I could have added to my system but decided to hold off, as when I have researched the best alternative, I may try for a refund at Costco and invest in something smarter. A few tweaks and the Ring alarm could be brilliant, but they do not seem to want to listen to what any of their customers want.

Super disappointed that this is an issue. We have just installed a motion sensor AND a front door contact sensor in our front hall. This means I can’t arm the alarm without closing the door AND standing still! Otherwise I have to bypass the sensor.

Seems like a really obvious thing: if a sensor is set as an exit route then movement is allowed when arming the system!

Why can’t the developers simply update the sensor check code to execute AFTER the exit delay? Or have 2 rounds of check: on arming, check all the non-exit sensors, then after the exit delay has elapsed, alert the user that one of the sensors isn’t set? Remeber when we all used to stand outside our door listening for the beeping to stop?

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Agree 100%. I had Simplisafe before, it would warn that the door was open and then continue the arming contdown. That is the expected bahaviour. Forcing me to keep the door closed while arming makes no sense at all.

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Completey agree with this. In my situation my partner leaves first and starts the car, while I lock up and set the alarm. The main door should be able to be defined as an exit point, and the arming countdown should be able to start with the door open. Using the app to arm after leaving is a workaround but not a solution, as it defeats the ease and convenience of the keypad.

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Please do this, i’ve just got this system and its ridiculous this cant be done!!

Yes. My last system allowed me to arm it with front door open. We have kids so we aren’t going to have it closed most of the time. Makes the keypad useless.

As many have pointed out - I wonder how many people bypass the front door sensor (as they can plainly see it is wide open - thinking that if they leave within the 30sec or whatever the exit delay is and shut the front door the alarm will be fully set. NOT that the system will simply arm with the MAIN FRONT DOOR BYPASSED !.

Listen in Ring - this is a big negative point for your alarm and if it gets out in the big wide world of social media about the number of houses where people are leaving thinking the house if fully armed only to find that the main front exit door is disabled, it won’t do Ring or all of us who have bought a Ring alarm any good at all. Just Great for burglars - simply break in via the main front door as its probably accidently already bypassed.

+1 Totally agree with this request. Allow us to have the Main Door open when we ARM the system! As long as that door is closed within the Exit Delay… it should be on and monitored and the system fully set. Don’t see why this can’t be added easily and we really need this!

Agree to this feature request (that is standard on the most basic of other alarm systems). It’s also not the most difficult thing for to code; even give the end user the toggle this feature on/off if there’s a fear of upsetting any existing users who prefer the current odd setup.

I was impressed by the easy installation of the Ring system so I thought I’d be set for a while. Now I’m honestly considering returning it to the shop after finding out that this simple missing feature is actually making my family members setting the alarm while bypassing the main door sensor all the time. How this works is against all logic.

I don’t get why you’d risk losing more clients even when this was adressed months ago.

Might best best if we all return our Ring Alarm systems as this missing essential feature is actually a fault in the system design

We really need this feature!! my previous system had it

I can’t believe this is a thing. The system should be armed given the state of sensors at the end of the countdown, rather than before.

As long as the exit door is closed within the Exit Delay… it should be on and monitored and the system fully set. I’ve never encountered an alarm system that behaves in this way and should be 2 minutes work to implement, Shirley.

My old Comfort system had a really great feature for this.
You would press the exit button, and the alarm would not be set until the entry door had been closed.
i.e. if it was closed, you had to open it and then close it. If it was already open you had to close it.
If you did neither and the door remained closed, the alarm would not set, as it knew you had not exited.
Of course this option is only for exiting whilst inside the house. Setting with the App should just arm.
And in any event, the final door(s) must not be bypassed.

ADT is set up the same way: “If a protected door or window with a sensor is open, you will not be able to arm the system until the door or window is closed or the zone is bypassed.” at: Understanding Door and Window Sensors

I’ve just installed my new Ring Alarm system today. Once I got used to how it works, I was very happy with it until I found that I couldn’t sent the alarm with the front door open. My wife often goes out to the car first and I follow and set the alarm. It was annoying to having to close the door after she left just so I could set the alarm.

I installed a Ring system a couple of days ago and while it’s mostly great, it’s counter-intuitive that we have to close the door before arming the system. In fact, even having to enter an access code to arm the system is a bit frustrating, but the requirement to have the door closed before using the keypad is just annoying.

We’ve just come from a Yale system where the arming process is simply a case of hitting the arm button and making sure we’re out within 60 seconds.

It is disappointing that a topic was posted about this 19 months ago and this basic feature still hasn’t been implemented. Considering Ring is owner by Amazon who’s leadership principles include “Customer Obsession”, it doesn’t feel like the community is being listened to.

This is really a pain. Basically renders the keypad useless. Please fix asap.