Allow arming countdown to start with defined entry/exit open without requiring bypass

Currently if my entry/exit (front door) is open when I try to arm my alarm, it asks me to bypass the sensor. I must pull the door closed, start the arming from the keypad and then open the door and leave. This is daft. I should be able to have the door open the whole time and still be able to start the arming countdown. I have never known an alarm that does not allow this.


Also see thread about this here:


I love Ring, but when I tell my friends about it, I’m always like “it’s great, except for this really annoying thing…”

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I’ve voted for this. Would save everyone having to close the door when asking Alexa to set the alarm.

I’m this close to returning my ring and going back to Samsung SmartThings bc of this issue

I’ve just installed the alarm, and been baffled why it’s not been set every time I get home. Turns out, I leave the door open whilst I set the alarm with the keypad. This is really bad and need fixing ASAP!

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So to provide some logic with this request for Ring engineers if they don’t get what we desire.

Request - Ability to arm system and ‘bypass’ device with the expectation OR option for device being monitored once again when returned to closed/motionless state


  • A toggle option for device to allow ‘exit on arming’ where it gives you 30-seconds to a minute to close door or exit before keeping sensor in bypass mode for the duration of the arming. If sensor is ‘untriggered’ withing timeframe…take it out of bypass mode.
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Just to clarify for developers. During mild weather (spring/summer/fall) some (many?) people might leave their door open for a variety of reasons (fresh air, pets, kids running in and out, etc.). Does make sense that when I actualy want to leave the house that I have to walk over, close the door, walk back, initiate alarm sequence then walk back, open the door and leave (closing the door)?

I understand the logic of the Bypass Sensor, to warn you about open sensors, but wouldn’t it make sense that if the sensor is closed by the time of the actual arming then it should be monitored while the system remains in Armed state? By this I mean that when you activate the Away sequence you are not actually arming the system at that time, you are initiating a countdown until the system does Arm (itself). Wouldn’t it make sense that when you initiate (with door open) that it warns of open door and allows you to bypass (confirm) and that if said door is closed at the actual point of arming (60 seconds after initiation) then it is actively monitored.

Just my two cents worth.

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+1 for this feature. Annoying if your family starts to leave the house ahead of you setting the alarm.

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Disappointing to not have this feature. Will be returning and buy different solution if no update before return period is up.

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Having just bought this system to upgrade from an old ‘dumb’ alarm, I am staggered this isn’t a standard feature. The main door sensor should be excluded from bypass on arming the system. I’d never have bought a system that doesn’t include this key feature.

+1 for this, Yale has it, Samsung has it, all none smart alarms have it. Surely it’s an easy fix.

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+1 really annoying that you have to close the door to set the alarm. All other alarm systems I’ve used allowed you to set it with your entry/exit door open!

Biggest ask is to simply give us the option of leveraging a delayed bypass in this manner. I don’t prefer to have a normal delay when arming home but would like a delay in getting the door closed if open when arming OR the ability to exit the door after arming in home mode. Likewise, not having to ‘check’ confirm bypass at keypad would be nice.

Couldn’t agree more that this is an ESSENTIAL feature. Just installed the alarm system and feel very disappointed having discovered this problem. Anyone with children and/or pets will know how long it takes to load up the car so it makes no sense having to shut the door again to arm the alarm. I’m not interested in using the app for this as that’s the reason I’ve got the keypad next to the front door.

Needs a fix ASAP! Surely it’s fairly straight forward as others have mentioned?!

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Definetly need this basically useless without it.

Man, for the last month since i’ve installed it I’ve been hitting the bypass thinking that it would still arm the front door after the timer ran out. Arrived at home today through the front door and didn’t disarm the alarm because it wasn’t beeping upon entry (because the door was bypassed). I didn’t realize it was armed until i opened the back door to go to the backyard and the alarm went off. How can such a “smart” alarm lack a feature that even the dumbest of alarms all have?

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I think it’s a disaster that this hasn’t been implemented yet. 90% of the time our front door sensor is disarmed when we leave the house because of it - arguably the most important sensor of the entire system.

while I personally jump through the hoops to close the door first and then arm, my kids and my wife simply won’t - and why should they? The process is counterintuitive.

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Just set up my new Ring system. This feature is surely essential. How many people really arm an alarm with their door closed and then open it to exit. Please add this feature.

Please do this