Allow alert types to change part way through the event

I use the Ring Pro 2

I miss tons of people alerts that start out as motion events.

For example if I get a delivery, since someone drives up in a car or truck or van it is a motion event. I am never alerted to them walking up to my house once they get out of their vehicle. Setting the motion recording down to 50 seconds helps a bit.

What needs to happen (be improved on) is if the alert type changes (from motion to person) this needs to alert me that a person is approaching. I’m sure I’m not the only one that bought a ring doorbell for exactly this purpose. Sadly it doesn’t work.

Additional info: I setup my app to alert me and record people events. But only record motion events. I do this because I want recordings of the cars going by and other motion. But I only want to be alerted to people coming to my house.

But because of how rings alerts happen this does not work.

Please consider fixing this so alerts can change types part way through.