All seems settled down and working

I don’t remember exactly when we started our install. Unfortunately we’ve been subjected to a few break ins and attempts. So far they all were thwarted by our home security systems alarms. But these guys seem to be getting braver and braver. Our sheriff’s dept recommended motion lights and cameras for our particular situation. We finally gave in and did so. Our security company actually recommended Ring for cameras and lighting. They did the first five I believe and I took over the project myself as we decided what else needed coverage. Right now there’s a dozen units. Spotlight cams Floodlight cam Stickup cams and a Doorbell 3. Using two Chime pros.
The guys at the security company told us up front that any device such as these could be finicky. And almost every install had its own set of conditions. With a lot of research and help from the folks right in here I’m happy to say it’s been pretty routine and no problems for Quite Awhile Now.
I’ll admit it took a lot of tweaking on a few to rid the spiderweb gremlins etc lol. But it’s rare we get anymore of those. Some of our units are actually mounted on trees with solar power. The critters there can wreak havoc on this kinda stuff. I’m pretty happy and least right now that The wife and I are only hearing what we want and for the most part the false alarms are very minimal. I found the People Only setting useful in a couple of these things. Although every once in awhile if like a spider comes down In Front and appears the size of a basketball it might trigger it. But I don’t imagine that can easily be totally eliminated without just shutting it off.
We’re using the snapshot notifications. So when something does trigger one 9 times out of 10 I can quickly look and see what it was and no need to go thru the videos.
Our unwanted visitors the last two events were blasted with the spotlights etc and so far haven’t been back. Maybe they finally get it.
We’ve also seen some pretty neat stuff being out in the country.
Just a few nights ago I got a notification and glanced at the snapshot. A little bear cub. Lol. Long story short I let the stuff do it’s thing and we had three videos off of two different cameras of a mama bear and her cub.
We knew of course they were here in the mountains. Seen quite a few. But never seen em snooping at the garage door and my truck. Lol.
Thanks to all the folks in here. The Ring guys and also the neighbors that have helped me.


Hey @Arkar! Thanks for sharing! I would love to see some videos of the momma bear and her cubs!

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Mama bear 1

Bear 2

Bear 3

The first one titled Mama bear is long. She comes in and later heads to our garage. You’ll see a bunch of debris flying in front of the camera. That’s a cub tearing the wife’s flowers up. Lol. I know this because after all of this started I was watching it out a window. It later followed mama footsteps as the videos show. These were captured on two different cameras.

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This one isn’t a critter video but it’s powerful. I thought I’d share it too. Just a couple of days ago we had some serious severe storms roll through. I was watching one of my many weather radars and knew it was fixing to get bad. Suddenly it got dark and sounded rough outside. One of my solar Spotlight cams notified. I was almost in shock when I saw this. It’s a wonder the camera and panel survived this. Some of the worst hail I’ve seen in awhile. It came and went for over an hour.
I flipped through my cameras watching the storm. I didn’t even show this to my wife until the next day. There were some funnel clouds in the area as well.

Hail storm on the Solar Spotlight.

Tom I hope I’m within the guidelines for posting these here. If I’m at the wrong place for this I apologize.

No need to apologize, @Arkar! These videos are great! I love seeing them and feel free to share any fun videos you have in the Community! That hail really sounded ferocious!