All new stick up camera battery released Oct 2019

I installed one of the all new cameras yesterday. During the initial setup process the user has to select between battery power and plug in power.

I have 2 questions. Can this option be changed after setup is complete without going through the full setup process again?

The second question- when plug in power is selected, is there more functionality available vs. Battery power, such as snapshot capture similar to the wired floodlight camera or some other power hungry feature?

I have one too. Got it a day or so ago. I have it wired. The battery is not great if you want all the features. The more features the faster it drains the battery. I can’t confirm you can change it later. But my guess is it should be possible with a reset.

Excellent questions @F50! The device is indeed capable of battery power or power supplied by plug outlet. This will change automatically when the plug is introduced or unplugged. When plugged in, your device should prioritize the use of power, over battery power.

As for the features available, they are the same whether using the battery only or plugged in to power. The only difference is that some features might benefit most from a plugged in power source as the frequent use of robust features on battery only, might drain the battery quicker. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Marley, thanks much for the response. My follow up question is where do I buy a plug in adapter? I could only find one for doorbells on the ring site:

The 3rd party power cords have water proofing that only works for the previous model of the cam.


Eagle328, can you suggest where to buy the power cord? I cant find one for the new model cam on the ring site or on Amazon

I bought the cord one and not the battery. The cord came with it. I haven’t seen it separately yet. Maybe you can return the battery one for the other.