All Camera Issues

Hello All-

Im running with an issue with my cameras not working/not connecting to wifi etc. I have 1g speed and using wifi 5 and wifi 6 routers as well as a mesh system. All within a 6k square feet lot. I have 16 total cameras (yes, every angle covered) indoor and outdoor. Checking the app and it shows me that the cameras are up to date on firmware. Recently I went through and troubleshooting each camera’s wifi. Using the same and sometimes moving to wifi 6, whichever gave it the best signal/speed. All cameras had to update firmware before finally connecting to the app. I’m not sure why since they all said they were up to date. Is anyone else seeing loss in wifi signal/camera video loss? Is this an issue going forward with updating firmware?

Cameras: Doorbell 3, doorbell 2, indoor cam, stick up cam, spotlight cam and floodlight cam.

Thank you!

Hi @AKx47. What exactly is happening with the cameras? Are you missing events, unable to set up the devices (showing as offline and cannot finish setup mode) or are you just unable to connect to the Live View? Could you also download the Rapid Ring app and see if the Live View continues to not load in that app as well?


I’m getting a lot of messages where I can see live view on both rapid and ring app. Other days I get great feed from both. And my main concern is that they are not updating firmware unless I go through the WiFi setup process.

@AKx47 All our devices can be different versions and on different firmwares at a time, but rest assured that when one device needs a new firmware, it will be updated as so with that firmware! No need to be concerned about a device not updating, it simply may not be ready for a newer firmware at the time. The devices will normally update automatically, if needed, after events happen!