Alexa Show 8 and Ring Doorbell (Gen 2) - No Live View

I have set up my Ring Doorbell (Gen 2) and connected my Ring service account with my Amazon account.

In the Alexa app, the Ring Doorbell shows as a device. However, the Alexa Show responds with “Sorry, I didn’t find a device named front door” when I ask Alexa, “Alexa, show the front door”.
When I press the Ring Doorbell button, or the Ring Doorbell detects motion Alexa says “Motion detected at the front door”.

In the Alexa app I have the following devices:
Office - Alexa Show 8
Front Door - Ring Doorbell

When I look at the Front Door settings I see that there are 4 announcement devices, Office being one of them. Office is set up for announcements and live view in the Alexa app.

When I go to “smart home” on the Alexa Show 8 I don’t see any devices.
When I ask Alexa “Discover Devices”, she doesn’t find the Ring doorbell, even though the device is on and connected to the same network.

My Ring app on my phone shows me the live view whenever there is a doorbell button press, or whenever the Ring Doorbell detects movement.

I have tried the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. reset Alexa Show 8 to factory settings
  2. reset Ring Doorbell to factory settings
    Nothing seems to work.

Given how expensive both of these devices were, and the reputation of both companies, Amazon and Ring, I would expect a much smoother and easier device setup.

Does anyone have any ideas? I’ve read several threads on this site and none of them seem to work.

For background if it makes a difference, the Amazon account is in the UK and is part of a family group.

Hi All,

This may be of use to some of you.

Since my Amazon account is part of an Amazon household, I tried “Alexa, switch profiles”. Then I tried, “Alexa show the front door”.

Alexa showed the Ring Doorbell.

It seems that the Smart Home devices work best on the “main” household account.

I hope this helps people diagnose and fix this similar issue.

Best of luck,

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