Alexa show 5 with Ring microphone

I set up a Ring 2 Video doorbell with my Alexa 5 show hoping for my husband to be able to just say ‘Alexa who is at the back door’ and be able to see and TALK to the person ringing the doorbell. Well the app does pop up on Alexa Show 5 and does show the backdoor but the microphone won’t come on automatically which defeats my purpose as my husband is bedridden and can’t reach the Alexa Show to be able to turn the microphone on by touching the screen. Is ther ANY way to set this up so the microphone turns on automatically, so it is truely HANDS FREE?

Thank you


Hey @njmalena. You can definitely do that, and it’s what I’m personally doing when I cannot get up from an area I’m in to talk to someone on the Live View. If you ask Alexa to “Talk to back door camera,” or whatever else you have it named, this will enable the 2-way talk for the Live View. You can learn more about this in our Help Center Article here!