Alexa Routine

Why is it that in the uk we don’t have the option to use location when setting up a routine

Hi @Littleted. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of what options you have in the Alexa App? I’d be happy to take a look and see what you’re seeing on your end. :slight_smile:

@Littleted Thanks for sharing that screenshot! It looks like you still have all of the necessary available options to set up a Routine with Alexa. If you still had more questions about a Location option or feature, I’d suggest reaching out to Amazon Alexa’s support team specifically. You can click here to go to Amazon’s Alexa Help Center. :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply but I don’t have all options to set up a routine using locations that is what is missing from available options when setting up a routine on some tutorial videos on you tube it shows how to use routine using location when certain distance away from home but no option to do this I assume it’s because I am in UK and we don’t have all the things you have in the US