Alexa - Ring lights

So I have a group of 2 Ring light bulbs A19. Group is called backyard. I was trying to attach them to a Ring motion detection sensor to turn them on/off when needed.
I saw the config of duration is to be done through Alexa app. In the app, for the light group, there are different categories: Power on/off, On Duration, Auto Shut Off, Alert Snooze Duration.
I have trouble to exactly understand what each is doing to configure properly the time.

Eg. I configured Auto Shut Off to 5 mins, and On Duration to 10 mins. When I turn on the light through Alexa App, the light turn off after 10 mins so apparently obeying the On Duration config. But why not the Auto Shut Off which is only 5 mins. Anyone to explain the differences between each modes? Thanks

Also, complement of information. The On Duration setting keep changing by itself. After some time, it reverts to a 1min duration (I was at 10 mins). It stayed at 10 mins for some time this morning, and when I used the motion detection triggered the lights, they stayed on only for 1 min. I checked the Alexa settings, and they reverted to 1 mins instead of 10 mins.

Another complement of info I just found out.

It would be apparently the motion sensor, once triggered, that reconfig the On Duration to 1 min while shutting on the lights. I don’t know why or how to make it stop changing the time.
But I tried to config the On Duration to 10 mins. Straight after that, triggered the motion sensor, and I instantly saw the On Duration reverting to 1 min on my Alexa app.