Alexa not showing doorbell cam view

I have an echo 10 2nd gen. Lately it doesn’t want to show the ring doorbell camera view anymore. It’ll say ok, then nothing or say connecting and then nothing. There’s been no changes to anything at all in terms of my wifi or additional devices. Sometimes it does/doesn’t work thru the alexa app on my phone. I don’t know if it’s alexa or the ring, although the ring camera easily shows my yard in the ring app

Try removing the Skill and readding. For some that has worked.

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had already tried that with no luck

Hi @Jvk-of-md. I would also recommend ensuring that your Alexa app and mobile phone’s OS are fully updated. Since the Live View is working normally in the Ring app, it sounds like this concern is isolated with the Alexa app and its connection with Ring. You can also find more troubleshooting tips if your Ring Alexa Skill stopped working here.

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While I ended up buying a new echo show, I think if I had done a factory reset on the old show it may have worked too. I just got so frustrated with it all not working I didn’t think of it. Anyway it works now.