"Alexa, I'm leaving."

Good news, neighbors - Alexa is now able to arm your Ring system! Simply state, “Alexa, I’m leaving.” when you’re heading out, or say “Alexa, I’m home.” once you return and Alexa will enable “Glass Break” and/or “Smoke or CO” alerts and forward detected audio information to your Ring app. Check out the Alexa Guard page on Amazon for more information. Let us know if you have it enabled!

It would be amazing if google speakers could do this too. Yes, I know amazon & ring, but thats not the point…

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Works great too!!

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Got an Echo Show 5 and a Dot on Prime Day expecting to integrate with Ring. Alexa could not/would not discover all of my Ring devices, even after several dozen attempts trying this and that. Tech support was no help. I was supposed to have a phone call from Neighborhood Support today at 4 PM (scheduled throug Ring). Already 4:20 and no call. Sending the Echo devices back and looking for any workable option.

Hello @Evanesq, sorry to hear about these frustrations. Currently, the best information regarding which devices work with the Show and Dot is on the Alexa Skill page. Which Ring devices were you hoping to connect?

I am aware of the Skills and have the Ring Skill enabled. Alexa will only connect to my Stick Up and Doorbell. My floodlight is completely invisible to Alexa after many resets, deletions, additions, etc. I’ve done everything as directed (multiple times) by Neighbor Outreach and tech support— as recently as two days ago. If you look at the reviews at the link you indicate, many of the negative ones are about this very issue. As one reviewer says, we call Amazon for help and they send us to Ring which then sends us back to Amazon with no help from anyone. It wouldn’t be so bad if there was any device/option, other than the Echo Show and the Ring app, that would permit users to view Ring video from ALL Ring devices (e.g. SmartThings, Google Home/Nest, etc.)

I have a question on this. So if my Alarm goes off can someone disarm my system by saying “Alex I am home” even if they are the one breaking into my house?

Hello @veener79, you will use either the Alarm access code or an Alexa access code in order to disarm the system. You can choose to use either in the Alexa app.

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Is there a way for the Ring alarm system to put Alexa in Guard mode? When I arm ring alarm via Ring app, can it also turn on Alexa guard mode?

Yes, you can set Alexa guard in the Alexa app. It will only work if the alarm is set to away.