Alexa Greetings vs Quick Replies

Please release Alexa greetings in Canada. :frowning: :sob:

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Love the idea of Smart responses but now I want more!
For anyone who doesn’t want to wait for the update, or wants a custom quick reply, or even if Smart responses is not supported with your device.
(I also did not really like my Ring elite speaker.)

If you have a covered front entrance and a Christmas lights outlet outside above the door.
You can add the Ring skill to Alexa and plug in an echo flex or echo dot (with a holder) outside above the door.
Then create an Alexa routine when the Ring doorbell is pushed say anything you want.
I even followed the custom greeting with Alexa telling them a random joke.
(I did mute the mic for security)

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I am trying to get these new features enabled for my Ring Video Doorbell 2 that I purchased January 2019 (it is set up as a wired doorbell). When I called support they said that the Ring Video Doorbell 2 is not supported for the new features like Quick Replies and Motion Warning. In the original post here it says Video Doorbell 2 is supported. Can you clarify which doorbells are supported?

Hi @KyleP. I apologize for any confusion, but the above listed Ring Doorbells are compatible with this feature. You can also find more information in this Help Center article here. I hope this helps.

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Is there any way to create a custom greeting?

Hi @Joel3. Alexa Greetings currently assists in two specific situations: package deliveries and taking a message. There isn’t an option to create a custom greeting, but you can read more about how Alexa Greetings works in our Help Center Article here. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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This feature needs to be rolled out to ALL cameras and doorbells. Is there a reason why the battery and wired spotlight cameras are not included in this feature roll out. This feature would be a beneficial on all of the cameras.

does this work outside US and Canada?

Hi @gerrydtan. At this time, Alexa Greetings is only available for the US and Quick Replies is only available for the US and Canada. :slight_smile:

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Any ideas now on when it will come to the UK?

What’s the delay in quick replies coming to UK?

Great idea with alexa greetings-for ring bell pro-- but really need more then 20 seconds before it kicks in as sometimes takes me that long to pick up the phone wherever it is and find the ring app and push the button to see whose there etc and turn volume etc on and by then the alexa has started talking … It would be wonderful if we could get at least another 20-30 seconds maybe — i understand whats involved it was set at 10 seconds which was way too fast i changed it to 20 but really thats not much time to get the cell phone, stop what your doing, open the app, and talk to the person-- that is when your home etc,… because i may want to see or meet them and if alexa starts talking and making it look like we are not home the may leave… once thats a bit longer this is a great addition… pls get is adjusted to we can set it a bit longer for us to talk to the person before AlexA TAKES OVER thanks…

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