Alexa device won’t Ring


I have a Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) and an Alexa Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen). I’m trying to get the Alexa to ring when the doorbell rings. Doorbell Press Announcements is switched on. However, when the doorbell is pressed the Alexa will not ring (phone does). It does however show the video feed from the front door (and yes sound is up to full volume and Alexa does all other functions ok). I’ve delinked everything several times, linked back again, turned off and back on, still the same. Whatever I do I cannot get the Alexa to ring when the doorbell is pressed.

Any help please!

Hi @user29935. I’d recommend reviewing this Help Center article for information on receiving Doorbell Announcements from your Echo Show. After ensuring everything is set up correctly in the Alexa app, test it out by ringing your Doorbell. If it’s still not working, you can find troubleshooting steps here. Should this concern persist, click here to go to Amazon’s Alexa Help Center for further assistance.