Alexa automatically turns off Ring lights. How to make that not happen?

When I turn on my lights via voice command with alexa, they stay on for about a minute turn auto turn off. I’ve tried setting them to Always on in the Alexa app, but still they wish for me to trip and die once the lights go off. I tried contacting Alexa support, but that was just generic help. Is this a known bug with a solve or do i just have to live with it for now?

Go into the Ring app and turn each light on individually using the toggle switch. When you do that a floating window should pop up at the bottom of the screen saying the light will stay on for 1 minute. Tap on edit and set it to activate until I turn it off. This should allow the lights to work as expected when you control them via Alexa.


Awesome, thank you. Changed them and it seems to be working now without turning them off after a minute.