Alarm says name of contact sensor out loud

I know other security alarm companies have a system that will call out which contact sensor was just opened. I like that ring makes a chime and all but it would be nice to hear which door was opened.
Example: chime “Front door, open”

I answered this question for a different person with the same request. I’m copying what I stated here as well:

I agree, having just switched from ADT which does allow you to state which door/window is being opened. However there is a work around where you can use an echo device to do this. It does take some extra manual work to do it but once you set it up it seems to do well. Make sure your Amazon and Ring accounts are linked and you have an echo device (dot, show, etc). You just have to go into your Alexa app and at the bottom right select “more” and then select “routines.” Press the “+” sign on the upper right and name it to the door/window you want. Under “when this happens” select “smart home” and the sensor you want and select “open.” Under “add action” select custom and type in “**** window/door open” and then select the echo device. This will allow your echo device to state the window/door that is opening when the sensor picks it up. Unfortunately you’d have to manually do that with each sensor. Yes, it’s annoying but in the end after a little bit of effort, it works just fine.