Alarm Problem

Okay this is the one thing that is bugging me. Twice now the system has called the fire department out to my house. The first was my daughter over cooked some pork chops. We put in the cancel code but yet they still sent the fire department. The second was when I changed the battery in the smoke detector and pushed the test button. This does set off the whole house to make sure they are working however, the Ring Smoke/CO Listener went off and they sent the fire department again. This is a problem. What is the rationale behind sending the fire department when a cancel code is punched in? Also, the system takes way to long to call a secondary person on the call list.

Hi @pvmedic. To prevent any false alarms when testing your smoke alarm, we recommend removing the battery from the Smoke & CO Listener to avoid it from triggering during the test. Regarding the cancel code you’re referring to, you can cancel a Smoke alarm by answering the first monitoring center call. It cannot be canceled within the app, so I apologize for any confusion. You can read more about the Professional Monitoring response plans in our Help Center Article here. I hope this helps clear things up. :slight_smile: