Alarm on PC app

Is Ring Alarm going to be available on the PC app? It works fine on my phone, where I can see all of my devices and sensors. However when I downloaded the PC app on my laptop, the only thing that shows up is my doorbell. And when I try to access a “live view”, I get the attached message saying: Error: IOError

I can access and play recorded video, even a few minutes old, however will not access live view.

Without access to Alarm devices and sensors, the app is pretty much useless. Any thoughts?

I am also having this issue. It’s weird since my PC gets all the retime alerts, without any of the logging of the alerts. This is really disappointing since I am on my PC more than my phone.

Thank you for sharing these experiences with us, neighbors! As stated on our getting started with Ring Alarm article, setting up and configuring your Alarm system is intended and best done on the Android or IOS Ring App. As timing is a crucial factor of the Ring Alarm system, we recommend using the mobile device applications and Keypad for the quickest, and primary, Alarm features access.

As we are constantly working to add to and improve on our products, we always value our neighbor feedback. Feel free to add a Feature Request for more PC options, here.

If you are receiving an error, or feel like a function should be working on your PC, try reinstalling the Ring app to check for any updates. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: