Alarm never uses cellular backup

The app shows that I have 3 out of the four bars for cellular backup - and initially it did work.

Now it seems that any time that the internet goes offline (e.g. outage, router update etc.) - it’s actually offline. Never enters into the 3G backup mode, the device is covered by Protect Plus

Sorry to hear about this, @BadCode! It sounds like you are doing everything correctly here. An Alarm system that is subscribed to a Protect Plus plan should certainly be using the cellular backup successfully. Please ensure you are operating a Base Station that is sold and intended for your region.

When power is lost, you should also see an indication that your Base Station is running on battery backup, cellular backup should initiate thereafter. Check out our help center article for more information on cellular and batter backup. I recommend testing this by unplugging your Base Station and waiting awhile to see if cellular backup every connects.

If this concern persists, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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I am having this exact issue, except it used to show the cellular bars and now it doesn’t. My Ring alarm’s base station does not kick into cellular backup anymore. It’s been like that for at least 3 months. Contacted Ring and they just said their engineering team is looking into it but has no ETA on a resolution. They also informed me a small number of users are experiencing this. Pretty disappointing they aren’t giving it much urgency. An alarm without cellular backup is a security risk.

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Same issue up here in Canada. Last week we had a total system outage from Rogers (cellular service provider). Rogers is the cellular system ring uses here for the backup. When the cellular system came back on, the signal strength bars for cellular backup was missing from the app, and when I tested it by disconnecting my lan cable to the ring alarm it did not go to cellular backup. I’ve talked to ring and it is now with the engineering team for following with no ETA for resolution. Not the service level I expect.

So, Ring resolution was to send me a new Ring Alarm Base station to replace mine that would not connect to cellular backup. Unfortunately, they sent me an Alarm Pro base station (normally that would have been great) but since I am in Canada, it is incompatible with professional monitoring up here. So, after all this, I am back to where I started, with my old base station, and no cellular backup for the monitoring. HELP!!!

Hi @goodboyr. I’m sorry to hear that you received the incorrect replacement Base Station. Please follow up with our support team to let them know that you didn’t receive the right Base Station as a replacement, as our support team will be the ones to get the right device sent out to you. The team here on the Community doesn’t have the access to assist with replacements or any account-specific concerns.

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Yup. All good. they are sending me a replacement. Thanks!

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@goodboyr Awesome, I’m happy to hear they’re getting that sent out to you. :slight_smile: