Alarm Motion Sensor room type option request please


I would like to ask Ring please add an additional option for setting up the motion detector. Currently, as you know , it can be ‘Hallway Entry’ where upon being triggered the entry delay starts, or, the other option is ‘Room’ where on detection the alarm will activate straight away irresepective of if the alarm is on entry delay or not.

*Its not ideal for the sensor to start its own countdown because it has detected movement when its an intruder who has gained access to the property from elsewhere, this simply draws attention to the kaypad and base station before it has had chance to alarm. *

*What we need is a 3rd option. I have a motion sensor in my hallway to protect the keypad and base station. What I would like for this new setting is for the sensor to ignore me (as it already does when set to hallway entry) once the front door entry delay has started to allow me to disarm the alarm from the keypad, but if the front door entry delay isnt atviated, then i would like it to generate an alarm straight away as chances are any potential intruder as got in elsewhere and evaded the alarm so far. *

With the amount of Ring alarm systems active in customers properties all over this world, this seems to be a no brainer for me. I cant be the only one who wants this functionality surely?