Alarm Feature Request

The light sirens do not go off.

When will Ring come out with a mailbox alert, my mailbox is across the street and it would be nice if Ring had something that would alert me when the mailbox door gets opened and also trigger a floodlight cam to come on, especially with all of the mail that gets stolen every year.

Please could you add compatibility with a Smart Lock that works with UPVC doors (these are very common in the UK).

E.G. Yale SD-L1000

Please could you add the Siren function on the Stickup Cam Elite to also sound when the Alarm siren is sounding.


  1. You should have the ability to put Z-Wave devices on the dashboard. Having to click on the menu icon > go to devices > scroll down to security> click on alarm base station > select the device > then finally toggle the switch is cumbersome.

  2. Need to be able to give users the ablity to control Z-Wave devices. Having my wife sign in with the owner credentials is not an answer. By doing this you can’t tell who is doing anything with the system.

  3. Overall there needs to be more granularity to the user permissions. I should be able to reserve add/delete devices permissions but be able to give others permissions to delete videos.

Alarm lacks settings lock/backup feature. Professional alarm has master user with password who can do changes to configuration. Only Master user can add/remove/move devices and can backup settings in case of system failure.
I do not see that here. More so… I managed to delete my base just by keeping phone in the pocket… followed by lengthy installation of all sensors.
Even master password for editing sensors could prevent such issue

I have a number inside cameras inside my home, which I disable during the day when at home. At bed time, I have to individually Enable them

Would love to be able to connect them to the Ring Alarm System and control their alerts from there!!

Ring. Two things.

  1. Please allow for an entry delay of 5 or 10 seconds. I just got a RIng system to replace an older GE Simon alarm system which was very full-featured, and I’m amazed that someone at RIng thought that a minimum entry delay of 30 seconds was a good idea.

This basically means that an intruder has 30 seconds to find your base station, and then, from what I understand, has 30 seconds to destroy it because that’s how long it takes for the monitoring station to regard the alarm as legit. So…

  1. My old minitoring station gave me about 10 seconds after a false alarm had been triggered before I got a phone call. Please reduce the 30 seconds to 10. You could maybe do this for well-established customers that do not have a history of setting off false alarms.


I would like to see more IFTTT support for the home security features. When I was researching the Ring alarm system, I saw that it supported IFTTT integration, but after purchase, was disappointed to find the IFTTT actions only supported the doorbell (which I do not own). Please add IFTTT actions for home security task management (ex: automatically arm based on location/time).



While 10 seconds would be a good option for some users, the way the system works isn’t as simple as the intruder has 30 seconds to destroy the base station. This has been covered on the forums before and my understanding is that it sends a signal to the monitoring server milliseconds after entry delay starts. You have 30 seconds to cancel the alarm, if the monitoring server doesn’t receive the cancellation signal the dispatch center is alerted. So even if the base station is destroyed, dispatch is still notified.

There is another app that may help you called simple commands. It works with Ring. I have it setup to disarm my alarm as soon as my August door lock unlocks. So when I get home my door unlocks and alarm turns off automatically.


Well, regardless of how the notification to the central monitoring station works, we should still have an option that is less than 30 seconds - other than zero.

I’m pretty sure it is not currently possible but does anyone know if you can program contact sensors and/or garage door tilt sensors to notify you after they have been in an open state for a defined amount of time? This would be SUPER useful when you live with young kids who have a talent for leaving doors open.

Please add the capability to add existing wired motion sensors and wired glass break sensors to your retrofit kit. You will dominate the market and I will switch my alarm system over as soon as it is available!

While I like the convenience of changing alarm mode through the app, I do have a feature request. Can you enable a feature on demand where a customer can select if PIN needs to be entered when changing alarm mode via app? (Not sure if there is already such a feature)
This will help unauthorized/accidental change of modes with kids (or whoever having access to the phone).


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I have the same request I only want the indoor cameras to record and alert in away mode, I do not like the idea of the internal cameras constantly recording especially after the latest hacks attacks.

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I would love it if I could report to Ring how many pets I have so in the event of a fire and Ring dispatches the Fire Department, they would know how many pets to look for.


Having a count of pets at home like stated would be a great idea!

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Great idea, and include the indoor cams. I would like them to arm when the away and armed mode is sellected. I would also like all exterior cameras to turn on when the alarm is triggered. Or at least selected ones. I don’t use the indoor cams at all when We are home with the exception of live view.

This is my #1 complaint about Ring Alarm. It is ridiculous that the system cannot be armed and disarmed on a schedule.