Alarm Feature Request

Great idea, and include the indoor cams. I would like them to arm when the away and armed mode is sellected. I would also like all exterior cameras to turn on when the alarm is triggered. Or at least selected ones. I don’t use the indoor cams at all when We are home with the exception of live view.

This is my #1 complaint about Ring Alarm. It is ridiculous that the system cannot be armed and disarmed on a schedule.

I have aquired indoor cams for my Ring System which includes a full perimeter and 6 motion detectors. I seldom use the indoor cams because I don’t want the recording when we are home. I would like them to arm when armed and away is selected on the base station. I would also like the exterior cameras to turn on when the alarm is triggered, or at least selected ones. As it is, I only use the indoor cams in live mode.

Just got a Ring alarm system and I’m really disappointed that I can’t set routines up in the Ring app itself. My alarm system doesn’t work with my Google Home devices either. So, am I being forced to buy an Alexa device? Really frustrating. Please just make Ring WORK as a fully integrated smart system!

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Water damage to homes due to burst water heaters, pipes or overflows is the leading cause of property damage to homes. Easily exceeding fire, vandalism and burglary. The Ring system could be expanded to lessen or eliminate it. By adding an water shutoff valve that would either work indoors and outdoors. Or for that matter, separate types of valves. And, make them work with the water/ temperature sensors to shut off the water when triggered. This would greatly limit the insuing damage. Also, enable the water to be shut off from the App.

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@Walt10 wrote:

I think that you could improve the Retrofit Alarm Kit. Currently it is just an adapter for wired contact sensors. It is to expensive and doesn’t have enough features to be considered a true retrofit kit. It is more of a wired contact sensor adapter kit.

It could be improved by adding the following features:

  1. An option to power motion and glass break sensors.

  2. Adding power (or at least a contact that could be used with external power) to drive existing external sireins.

  3. Utilizing an external transformer for power with a larger internal backup battery. More like a wired alarm system.

  1. Add power for Ring keypads so they could be one-for-one replacements for existing alarm keypads.
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@Webeinky wrote:

  1. A smoke alarm that integrated with Ring and that can be hard wired into the homes AC. The listeners just don’t cut it for me, seems like a workaround. If you can to a First Alert Z-Wave Smoke alarm that is battery powered then why can’t you offer a hard wired option.

I agree that this needs to be an option. There are some areas where hardwired smoke/CO detectors are required by building code.


Can the ring chirps (from the security system) be heard through ring chime?

No they can’t…

I expected this to work out of the box. Really feels like the camera isn’t integrated with the alarm. Makes me reluctant to buy additional devices.

on my old simplisafe system, I was able to mute or silence the alarm as an option. I would like to able to do this on my Ring system. We don’t want a loud siren going off even if something is triggered. Please consider this as an option.

Cameras will record if alarm goes off it you set them too. They will not sound their alarms though

Is there an option to increase the pin from 4 to 8 digits, don’t feel good about using a 4 digit pin on smart locks connected to ring alarm


You can do that with the free app - Simple Commands by kloe. Very easy for PC or smart phone. I only use it to arm the Ring system if I forget to do it at bedtime, so the time for on is after midnight. Disarm is usually by Alexa voice command or that handy little Amazon push button by the bedside-(sometimes I’m up early, sometimes I sleep in)- but you could set it to turn off the alarm at a fixed time also. As a matter of fact you can set the times differently for days of the week. Simple Commands works well with other Ring devices such as motion detectors and window/door switches.( I use S.C. to turn on/off the light in our pantry depending on the state off the door switch because the light switch for the pantry light is not in a convenient location))

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This is definitely a needed feature.

It’s silly that all of my 8 digits codes got wiped out from my lock and now I can’t add them back via the app.

And if you manually reprogram 8 digit codes, then you can’t add a user with a 4 digit code from the app.

Disappointed. Should be an easy fix from Ring, but I’ve seen other complaints as far back as March 2019.

Is there a retrofit kit in the works that has more than 8 zones?

Can a feature be added to turn on a Z-Wave outlet when the system is alarming? I would like to trigger a strobe light to turn on when the alarm is tripped.


I am a new Ring Security customer and finally completed setup. I noticed the keypad will chime when a door/window is open, but I would like another chime for when it is closed, otherwise I am left to think the door/window is still open. I don’t know if this is a current feature and I cannot find the setting or if this is coming soon.


You can probably do this (turn on a Z-Wave outlet) with the free Android app Simple Commands by kloe. I don’t know what software you use to control or setup your Z-Wave device, so I cannot say for certain that S.C. supports your device but it does support hundreds of third party devices and it can be triggered by the “alarming” state of the Ring security system. I use it to conttrol smart lights and plugs under various scenarios including alarming

Ring Alarm to SECOND or ALTERNATE email…

I want Ring Alarm to send emails to a DIFFERENT email account than the one which is registered with Ring Alarm at setup time. That way the Ring items don’t get lost in my INBOX !

I also want a way so that Ring Alarm can send to a SECOND EMAIL ADDRESS (my spouse) so there is more than just 1 person getting the Ring Alerts via email.