Alarm Feature Request

I took only use stickup can indoors. This would be a great feature.

What is the expected release date for the smaller Contact Sensors?


1,000 Feet Range of the Contact Sensors & other components - instead of the current 250 feet range

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Please please for the love of jeebus. I have an integrated smart home setup, and ring alarm, VDB2s, and lights. I have echos in every room and use guard in conjunction with the ring alarm to monitor glass breaks etc. These two in my opinion simple features/fixes would change my experience for the better by so much: 1) Allow me to set some type of rule that MUTES my chimes/indoor sounds while the system is set to away (or any certain) mode. I have a dog, and she gets rowdy when motion goes off, and i still get a lot of false triggers, and so I just would like to turn that off automatically when armed since no one is home to hear them anyways and all it does is freak out the dog. 2) And im still shocked this isnt an option yet, but LET ME USE MY ECHOS AS SATELLITE SIRENS!!! I have them all over, and my base station is in the bedroom due to networking access. So if the alarm does go off its super loud in the bedroom, but not very loud the rest of the house. Why cant i use my echo devices that are already all over to become sirens. This one seems like a huge win for you in the integration department and expanding the reach/coverage of your system using echo devices. PLEASEEEEEE. Thanks


Thank you for sharing @DonC ! We can understand the value behind smaller devices, and will certainly pass this along to the team. I’ve moved this over to the features request thread to ensure all requests are in one place for all neighbors and teams to see.

Ability to arm the Ring Alarm without bypassing a sensor even when it’s tripped. We have our Ring Alarm keypad near our front door and we generally open the door (to move things to the car, etc.) and keep it open while we’re leaving the house. Right now we have to close the door, arm the alarm, and then open the door again to exit the house. It’d be great if the alarm could be armed normally even while the door sensor is tripped, as we will close the door during the exit delay.


A “Protected by Ring Alarm” yard sign. Currently there is only an audio/video sign.


Yes please! We already get notifications on the watch, for example when the alarm is in entry-delay mode. It’d be nice to be able to disarm the alarm from the watch – for example a hard press to bring up a menu to disarm.

I’d also like to see Siri support, Apple HomeKit support, and the ability to automate the alarm via Shortcuts.

Ring, please understand that many of us do NOT like Alexa and want enhancements within the Apple ecosystem.


Here’s mine:

Reminder to arm, if the system isn’t armed by a set time / day of week
Reminder that certain contact sensors are open for longer than a set amount of time
Notifications like these via SMS.
Ability to snooze notifications for other devices and phones… Baby sleeping near Alexa, but I need to go outside


You can arm the system on a schedule. I set mine to arm at midnight (with Alexa) in case I forget to do it at bedtime

You can mute or unmute an Alexa device through the device settings in an Alexa routine

I think that’s what this button does.

How do you set Ring alarm on a schedule using Alexa?

Thanks! I hadn’t noticed that option. I’ll try it! If it works, that does seem to be most of what I’m looking for. I would still like the snooze features across the application to be user-selectable beyond four hours, but not having to do it on each device every time makes it better.

I use Simple Commands by kloee. In S.C. I create a routine to turn on the Ring Security system in “Home” mode. Then I setup an Alexa routine in “timed” mode and call the S.C. routine as a scene. In my Alexa routine, it also turns off un-needed lamps and changes my office lamp to color red. My normal bedtime Alexa routine does the same actions - Alexa, bed time"

Alexa routine will accept multiple timers

Alexa by itself doesn’t recognize the Ring Alarm System, but Simple Commands by kloee does. You have to get a free subscription to Simple Commands. S.C. can activate, deactivate and recognize the state of the Ring System as well as Alexa controlled devices, i.e., it knows it Ring is “alarming”. Use these features to create an S.C. routine which can run autonomously on a timer or be used in an Alexa timed (or not) routine. I think that Simple Commands has an Alexa skill and your Ring devices have to be installed on Alexa before they can be used in Simple Commands.

This is easier than it sounds and S.C. really expands the usefullness of both Ring and Alexa devices such as smart plugs and ights.

My best use of Simple Commands is to recognize when Ring is in the “alarming” state and turn smart lights, smart plugs and an auxiliary siren.

I believe some improvements could be made to the motion sensors.

If the security system is in a mode in which the motion sensor doesn’t trigger the alarm:

  1. Disable the motion detected light. When I’m in my living room the motion detected light flashes every few minutes as I move around.
  2. Disable the motion sensor completely. The frequent motion detection drains the battery unnecessarily, and floods my alarm history with useless info. If the motion sensor was disabled and not just unmonitored I’m guessing the battery would last longer.

Can we please have this?! :frowning:


When I arm the system at night or disarm in the morning, it is way too loud with sleeping kids. However if I lower the volume, then the entry delay sound is too quiet and we accidentally set off the alarm not realizing it was on.
As a user I want to mute temporarily the exit delay when arming the system from the keypad or app so that 1. the keypad and base station do not wake my family at night or in the morning and 2. so that I can still have a high volume when arming during the day or when the entry delay is tripped.