ALARM COMPETITION UK, ring pull your finger out

First of all I do think the ring products are really good. However here in the UK ring is missing such an important part of their alarm system that it’s definitely ruining their sales here.

An external siren…

One of the most basic things that an alarm needs to make an excellent deterrent. People look at this alarm system and then look at another such as Yale and see that theirs comes with an outside siren box including a dummy.

The only reason why I got a ring alarm is because I had the doorbell but, I need to admit the ring alarm works very well in terms of notifications, the reliability and the simplicity of the system.

Burglars always target the houses with no sign of alarm and the stats that show this are immense. Also coming from many serving police officers, the box is pretty much the first set back for the unwanted. I know ring have a sign accessory that you stick in the ground but that doesn’t cut the mark at all.

So to that end, before releasing a drone that flies around the house for security. Ring you need to:

  • design an external siren/box
  • make the incredible siren that’s on your camera’s actually useful and make them compatible with the alarm system.

Them two things will push alot more people to your alarm system and probably take over the alarm industry in the UK.

how you haven’t released one yet absolutely blows my mind and I’d seriously consider pushing these points to the top of the priority list!

Just look at all the consistent reviews on Amazon debating this

Kind regards,