Alarm base z-wave wall switch support?

I bought a GE smart wall switch (model 14293) that GE says is compatible with Ring Alarm. It pairs with Alarm Base and shows up under Lights, and the Event History logs when I switch it on/off. But there are no on/off switch controls in the app. Ring tech support says it appears not to be compatible, although they don’t have an answer for why.

Is the common experience even with the few switches on the Ring-certified list? Is it worth the effort to try to find one of these older models, or is Ring generally failing to support compliant z-wave devices?

For what it’s worth my goal is to group a wall switch to the lights of a Ring Floodlight Camera, since those have replaced our driveway and patio floodlights. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but having to use a logged-in phone to turn on/off lights seems inconvenient, especially when we have guests.

There are many GE model devices (outlets/ switches) that will Work With Ring. Check out our Works With Ring compatible devices list to ensure you have a model that is listed. Our Help Center article about Works With Ring also contains great information on the difference between basic and certified WWR devices.

I bought model 14293 because I could not find 14292, the only non-dimmer toggle you have on the certified list, in stock anywhere.

The WWR Help Center article says that basic device functions will be available through the Ring app even for non-certified devices. This is also what GE tech support said–all z-wave certified hubs must at least turning the switch on/off. But it is not what you get when you pair the device.

I have a couple different GE Z-Wave switch models and mine work fine, but they do not show up under lights. They only show under alarm. Ring support said only Ring branded lights show up under the Lights tile :roll_eyes:

Thanks r6kmb. Yeah it doesn’t sound like it’s worth the effort.