After motion alert, delay in seeing videos. Also, streaming error in Live feed.

Ring was working great for me until the format changed. Two issues:
1-There’s a delay in seeing the video after a motion alert.
2-On live feed also a delay or streaming error.
Defeats the purpose since I’m unable to speak to an intruder if there were one.
Both my camera and doorbell are hard wired. Tried contacting technical support but they tried to blame it on my WiFi which is working fine for other devices. Really wish you would change back to the previous format. It worked perfectly.

Hey @Dbug. Have you tried using the Rapid Ring app? If our support is saying that your wifi speeds may be affecting the performance, you can troubleshoot this by trying to lower your RSSI number under the Device Health page. Although, if slow load times is your major concern, that is why we designed the Rapid Ring app, as it only preforms live streaming, and no Neighbors feature or account/device management is in the Rapid Ring app.