Advice on Spotlight Wired camera

Hi all, I’m considering the Spotlight wired cam and had a couple of questions I’m hoping someone can help answer.

How much is the camera able to swivel? I’d like to place one on the side of my house to monitor my driveway, but it would have to swivel in order to do so. (see photos) I’ve seen non-Ring brand mounting brackets that promise to allow for it, but I’m wondering if that’s necessary? Anyone have a similar situation and can offer insight?

Thanks in advance

Hey @MVasa. Would the camera be pointing straight down like this? If so, you may need to look into a Stick Up Camera instead, as the PIR sensor for the Spotlight Cam is on the bulb at the bottom of the device. When this bulb is not parallel to the ground, this can affect the motion detection to turn the lights on and also record motion, but the PIR sensor the Stick Up Cam is in the front, with the lens, so it can be used to point down directly as you seem like you need to have it! You can see what this positioning for the Spotlight Cam (article says Battery, but the same if for the Wired) should look like in our Help Center Article here.

Thank you for your response! I’m not sure if there was a link included to see what you meant about pointing down. But to answer your question, no it’s not that I want it to point down - the arrow was meant to show the direction, which is down the entire driveway. So, I guess what I am asking is: can I install it on the side of the house, then swivel the camera close to a 90 degree angle, toward the left, to capture the entire driveway? The location of the camera would be at the end of the driveway… I hope I’m explaining myself.

thank you!!

@MVasa Ahhh yes, okay, thank you for going into more detail! You explained yourself perfectly, no worries, I totally understand now. I think that setup should be ideal for you! You may need to play around with the motion settings so that you can capture the most motion possible, but getting the Spotlight Cam Wired also for advanced motion detection, which will make the trial and error you may have to do a lot easier. Let me know if you have any concerns when using the device, but you should be just fine to turn it so that it angles that direction! You can see what swiveling and installation looks like in this video here. :slight_smile:

Great, thank you!

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