Advanced warning speaker

The Ring doorbell is great for talking to and warning suspicious people that approach my door or ring the bell not to proceed as they are unwanted and on camera. So I believe this stops or reduces break-ins. However, one cannot always instantly get to warnings or they don’t always load quick enough in cases where the person really doesn’t want you to see them and don’t wait around.
I would like to have the option to set off an advanced prerecorded voice warning via a louder built in speaker or a battery operated mountable remote speaker. It should immediately after the Ring alert notifying whomever is approaching that they are being recorded under Ring surveillance. It should do this while the person is still 30+ feet from my door. I believe this will possibly slow or stop porch pirates from dash and grabs. Please advise if something like this is being researched. Thank you.


In my experience, none of the Ring device’s speakers are loud enough to hear if there is any kind of background noise at all. It would be great if Ring could increase the volume of their devices AND also offer a wireless (or wired) speaker/mic option.