Advanced motion zones reduced

When I first installed my camera’s and configured the advanced motion zones - I could map thew full range of the camera AND it picked up motion a good 60 feet from the camera which was great and covered the garages at the back of the property. when I moved the camera and went to adjust the zone it’s now hugely reduced and barely covers my garden. Why has this been changed??? It was working perfectly with the extended range configured!!!

I have seen posts where Ring are saying this is by design and has come in a recent update to the app (IOS) which applies to battery devices - please, please restore the original feature - I cannot run camera’s to the garages as they are way out of range for wifi and it’s not possible to run power & ethernet to the garages

I was really pleased with the security coverage provided when I first set the camera up - very unhappy now as the coverage is so poor.

I’ve tried reinstalling the app and removing the camera and reinstalling it but neither solved the problem

Hey All,

I’ve found the solution - you have to mount these at about 8 feet high and point them to the furthest area you want monitored i.e. the end of your property - this then ensures you get good range and detection but also captures close up footage very near to the camera - I’ve added a link to the article by Ring which helped explain why the zone changed - makes sense now!

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