Advance Motion Detection

Ok so I noticed the other day that my cameras sight is longer than my sections area for motion detection, which is fine. I have long backyard. Here is my issues: where one of my cameras is located, my ac unit is there and the fan blades will set it off. So I have to have Advanced Detection on in order to block out that section. But why is it record motion only? Why isn’t advanced detection area and record length 2 separate things. Example I have my recording time set to 120 sec with solar panels on the cameras. Someone comes into my yard and starts the detection and continues down into my yard. Once out of detection range it stops and anything that my occur is missed were as 120 secs vs. 20 secs would have captured most of any activities. So tell me, why have adjustment for recording times but only if standard detection is selected versus advanced detection? If it is proven the camera can function as such, why am I not allowed to choose? Wither I want standard or advanced detection and record motion only or what every time frame I chose. I feel as though I am being treated like a child. You can have this but only if you have that. This is a software fix that can easily be implemented. It seem record motion would be a standard thing and choosing what time frame you would like is advanced? Please Create This.