Administrator level notification control

Please add an administrator level control to temporarily silence all notifications on all devices. We currently can silence notifications for up to 4 hours on individual devices (i.e. individual phones, tablets, Alexa, etc) but as an administrator I can’t silence all notifications on all devices. It is a real hassle and quite annoying when having an outdoor party (pre/post COVID-19) and house guests are walking around home, or when I am outside cutting the lawn, walking the yard, or out by the pool, etc, to constantly be notified of “motion” or “person detected near your…”. I don’t want to permanently silence notifications through the current Mode settings, only temporarily silence all device notifications, system wide.
The home’s Ring alarm system administrator should be able to Silence all notifications while still allowing cameras to record. Our home is well connected with the “internet of things” and as a result, up to 15 separate notifications announcement alerts arrive and are broadcast loudly through the home each time motion is detected. Please add this system wide silence option so I don’t need to silence each individual device around the home.


How can i grant a shared user an access to change the floodlight camera modes?