Adjusting Time Light On

Just installed Ring Spotlight Cam and I would like the light to stay on longer once activated however it does not seem it is possible to adjust the length of time the light stays. Is that correct?

Yes there is.
In devices, under your light group. Then click settings for that group and you can change how long they stay on for. Remember the longer they’re on, the more battery they will use.

Thanks for your reply Eagle328 however there doesnt seem to be that option. I have only one cam spotlight. I created a group following your suggestion for the one camera howver there is no settings for groups to be adjusted. There just does not seem to be any lighting adjustment option in the app - I seem to have looked everywhere unless I am missing something. For me the light doesn’t stay on ling enough - maybe 30 seconds - thats all. I surprised adjustment isn’t an option. Bad guys can jsut wait 30 seconds until the lights off!

In General Settings - then Light Group - then just takes me to Group with my group there - there is no further click through.

Oh, I saw the post was in smart lights so I thought you had one of those. Sorry.
You should be able to find it in devices, your spotlight, device settings, light settings and finally light schedule. It’s on the bottom of that page. Hopefully I’m right now. LoL

I’m having trouble with my floodlight cams. I programmed them to have the floodlights come on at 6:00 PM and off at 6:00 AM. But in the middle of the night the lights are off. I checked the schedule I configured and it says on at 6 PM off at 6AM. What am I missing ?

By the way, these are wired floodlight cams.

Use GMT time.

It doesn’t use your local time zone.

I want the lights to come on at 6:00 PM EST and off at 6:00 AM EST. What time do I set on my iPhone ?

Try adding 5 hours to each 11pm - 11am

(Note: I haven’t tried this myself - others have stated GMT required in other posts)

Okay, I am about to remove all of the Ring devices I purchased, which amounted to well over a thousand dollars and return it all for a refund.

I called Ring tech support again today and spoke with a young woman who genuinly tried to help me with setting up the lighting schedule on my two floodlight cams. We went through an excorsise three times, where she asked me to set the schedule for the lights to come on and off within a five minute period. None of these worked.

I apologized to her saying that I don’t think I am tech savy enough to do this over the phone and asked if Ring ever sends technicians out to Ring purchasers homes to troubleshoot issues. I was told to call Amazon for this service at 1-888-280-4331.

When I called Amazon, I was given options to troubleshoot Kindle books and two other unheard of devices, but not a word was mentioned, by the recorded voice of any Ring devices.

I am totally frustrated. Setting up the lights to come on and go off according to a schedule should not be rocket science.

We may be making some progress. I was able to achieve control over the Backyard floodlight cam and it now comes on and goes off according to the schedule I set up. However, the Front FC still has a weak Wyfy signal, despite installing two wyfy boosters. One booster is located less than seven feet from the FC. So what other things should I look for as to why this particular Floodlight Cam isn’t responding to commands ?

While on the chatroom last evening, learning how to add my wife’s iPhone to the system, I asked the tech about lighting schedules. I want the lights on my floodlight cams to come on at 6:00 PM and off at 6:00 AM. He advised me to set the times to on at 5:00 PM and off at 7:00 AM.

What this has to do with GMT escapes my brain power. Greenwich Mean Time is five hours ahead than EST.