Additional sounder for notifcations


Our keypad and base station are near the fron of the house. When someone opens the back door the base and keypad start to notify of the countdown before the alarm but it doesn’t get hear. Other than an additional keypad, is there anything else that could provide the notifcation sound so we realise the alarm is about to go off.

Good question @NetDonkey! An additional Keypad is indeed the best way to do this. As you know the sound will come from the Base Station and Keypads, strategically placing these in your home can really help with the audible indicators. We recommend placing a Keypad at each commonly used entry door to your home.

If you are ever looking to extend the sound of just your Alarm siren, in addition to the Base Station and Keypads, there are additional Dome Sirens available for purchase on :slight_smile: