Adding an Alarm pro base station to an existing Router and Modem set up

Currently, I have Alarm Pro Base station connected to the Modem, and the home router(that i’ve been using before purchasing a base station) connected to the Base Station.
Later i found that that Alarm pro IS a router so i don’t actually have to use my home router (Nighthawk RAX48.)

I’ve been running like this for 2 months now mainly because i need more than 2 internet ports.
Is this how a lot of you guys are running?

Maybe split the Coax cable and use 2 modems. One modem just for Ring?
Ultimately i’d have 2 wifi networks?

PS. This one is a bit off topic. In order to use Base station as a main router, i set up the name and password of network on eero ?

Hi @user24747. This Help Center article here has information on the alternative Alarm Pro Eero Wifi Network configuration options and how to set them up. As for setting the Eero in the Alarm Pro as the primary router, this Help Center article provides the steps. I hope this helps.