Adding a Ring Video Doorbell with No Current Doorbell

Is it possible to install a Ring Doorbell if I don’t have a current doorbell system?

Great question! Yes, it’s totally possible. You’ll want to take a look at one of our battery powered Doorbells, such as the Video Doorbell or Video Doorbell 3. Those specific models do not require there to be any wiring currently for installation. Since, they would not be connected to an internal chime, you will not be able to hear the ‘ding’ if you do not have your smartphone or tablet around to alert you when someone is at the door.

If hearing the internal ‘ding’ is something of interest to you, you can purchase one of our Ring Chimes. This internal Chime connects to all of your Ring Doorbells and Cams to get Ring notifications anywhere in your home. Our Doorbells can connect to multiple chimes, for example, if you want one upstairs and downstairs. However, we do not recommend Chimes to be installed outside.

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