Adding a 'non Ring' wifi extender

Hi, if I buy an additional wifi extender to help with my broadband supply, will it affect my Ring system for which I already have a Chime Pro. Does anyone know?



Good question, @LisaP49! Installing an additional 3rd party extender to extend wifi signal should not have any negative impact on your Ring devices, or Chime Pro. That being said, adding another extender to your wifi network will demand bandwidth from your network, adds an extra step for network communication, and provides an access point that all of your nearby in home wifi devices will connect to , instead of just Ring devices. These factors can definitely impact the signal that is being delivered to your Ring devices. Most often, when neighbors begin exploring multiple extenders or access points, a mesh network is the common solution we see shared around the Community.

As wifi signal travels through the air, it’s always worth considering obstacles and stops along the way. I recommend performing wifi speed and signal tests near your router, near your Chime Pro, near your new extender, and near the mounted Ring devices. This will help you see the difference in signal by area and any interferences that should be avoided. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Hi, thank you so much for replying.

I have been looking at a mesh system actually, but still would have asked the same question I think… I am a total technophobe so no idea what to do really…

I need to improve the wifi signal for the rest of my devices etc, but am just worried that I’ll do something wrong and mess up my Ring system.



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Of course, @LisaP49! We’ve all been there, and I’ll tell you what you most likely do not need; a super expensive high tech router that doubles as a pizza maker. All jokes aside, the latest router and network equipment models have really done well to bring great features, high powered antennae, and user friendly functionality to the network market.

I agree with your idea of upgrading the router to benefit your entire home, and this will translate naturally to better signal for your Ring devices as well. Check out the Eero network featured on the accessories page. I’m a believer in shopping around, but this Eero will provide a nice comparison of price point, wifi coverage, and features.

As always, the Ring Community is here to help, as is our support team. Feel free to reach out for answers to any questions or for assistance. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much.

Another question if you don’t mind, how do I find this thread again once I’ve closed it but when I need it again?


Ignore me, ive found it! :laughing:

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