Adding A Live View For Multiple Cameras on the Windows App

@Chelsea_Ring Many people are waiting to find out if this requested item is on the roadmap or not.

So what happened? New customer here, astonished that simultaneous live view isn’t a thing.

Adding my vote, installed 4 cameras assuming this basic feature was available. I’m very disappointed.

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Completely agree Timson. I have the RING Doorbell Pro 2, Floodlight Cam Wired Pro, and four Outdoor Spotlight Camera with Lights. Also have 2 indoor Stick Up Cameras, but am mainly concerned with being able to see all of my outdoor RING cameras on my Amazon Fire 10 tablet. A friend of ours has some camera company I never heard of, he has four around his home for close to 10 years now, and has always had the ability to watch all four on a smaller tablet than my Fire 10. We are more than halfway through 2021 and RING can’t even get the ability for live viewing?

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Not only is Ring not adding features to Windows PC, they have stopped supporting Windows PC all together. They don’t care. They think phone apps are good enough. I can’t use my phone ring app because of poor eyesight. They don’t care.

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This is a basic feature I think should be available, not sure why they need more than 2 years to address this. I am surprised ring isn’t addressing this issue. This is the only reason I am not investing in multiple Ring devices, I have 1 floodlight and one doorbell, I was trying to see if I can see live for both, soon realized they don’t have this. So I think I will give another 6 months and switch to Arlo.

I would return them, you still have time. I would invest in Arlo. I am not getting anymore ring products due to lack of this basic feature

They really need to start supporting the Windows App again.

One main reasons we went for Ring products was the ability to view on my desktop.

I bought and installed 4 cameras assuming they had this function because every other camera system I’ve used has it, even some really low quality systems. Ring is a well-known and successful company so I guess I assumed this feature was standard for cameras/cctv, etc…

I really like the cameras and Ring in general, but long term I’m going to have to get rid of these and buy elsewhere due to not being able to view them in real-time on a screen, like via the Windows App (in a grid of at least 4, preferably 6). I was really surprised when I found out that Ring didn’t have this basic feature.