Adding a batter doorbell to the back door

My parents have a wired ring doorbell, they would like to add a back door battery operated one. Can you add a battery ring doorbell to the back door and have it ring the front doorbell chime?
Relevant because the main doorbell is hooked up to a light for the hearing impaired.
Thnks for the help

Hi @5038c71b6c8c82f5c1721090284a6f. You would have to wire the Doorbell to a compatible chime kit in order for it to then ring the chime kit. If you add a battery-powered Doorbell to the back door and it’s not wired to the chime kit and transformer, it will not ring the chime kit. You’ll still receive notifications via the Ring App and you can use a Ring Chime or a compatible Alexa device for audible announcements. However if you want the chime kit to ring since it’s hooked up to a light, you’d need to wire the new Doorbell to that chime kit. I hope this information helps. :slight_smile: