Add option to 'Main Door' Contact sensors to allow system Arming while open

This is to address the issue referred to here - namely the Ring system’s inabilty to support arming the system while the main entry door to the home is open, which is a very common feature of alarm systems and how many people expect an alarm system to work. See here for description of the problem specifically.

The feature request is to add the feature or optional feature to allow the system to be armed while a contact sensor that has a placement setting of ‘Main Door’ is in an ‘open’ state. Specifically, when the system is armed, if only a sensor with a placement setting of ‘Main Door’ is in an ‘open’ state, the Ring system will not play the ‘bypass required’ message. The system will instead start the Exit Delay count-down and audio chime as normal but with the audible alert “Main Door Open” repeated every 10 seconds, until the Main Door is closed, at which point the Exit Delay chime continues as normal. At the end of the Exit Delay countdown the system will re-check the status of the Main Door sensor(s) and arm the system if they are all now in a valid state. If a ‘Main Door’ sensor is still ‘open’ at the end of the Exit Delay countdown the system will issue a loud warning tone and an audible alert stating “System not armed - Main Door still open” and abort the arming process.

The placement setting of ‘Main Door’ already has functional impact, specifically that it triggers Entry Delay behaviour when the sensor is tripped while the system is armed. Adding this additional Exit Delay functionality is intuitive and in-line with the app logic.

Really would like this feature. Like many others, we set the alarm on the way out, when some have already exited front door…, Cheers … please add this feature

I can not say how annoying it is having to close the door to turn the Alarm on when i go out!
Completely unnecessary!