Add feature for spouse with same access rights.

I want Ring to add a feature where 2 people can have “main” controls over the Ring system. This will help spouses control their devices without needing another person to go on and update.

I am the “shared user.” My wife sleeps during days, and when I snooze the doorbell through my app (so it doesn’t wake her up), it still makes the noise - it just snoozes the notifications on my phone. There should be a way to add a spouse so there can be 2 accounts that have full functionality of the controls. I don’t want to have to have my wife’s phone to change the settings.


Same issue. Any fixes?


Please add this feature! The limitations with shared users right now doesn’t work in housesholds with users who should have equal rights. For now, while we have a shared user for purposes of having a separate alarm code, we share a login to the app. This is a security nightmare, especially when Ring suggests using two-factor authentication for logins.


Great minds think alike! The suggestion seems to be gaining traction in this post. It might be good idea to pile-on to that one so it bubbles to the top of the list.


Please allow spouses to have same full (or at least more robust) functionality in the Ring app. Nest does a much better job at this.
This might be a reason for me to return my Ring 3 Plus and go for Nest.

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I agree. I’m married and my spouse has complete control over our security system. Sometimes I feel trapped in my own house. I cannot turn off cameras watching me and I cannot turn off chime notifications.

This seems like a huge liability for ring if a spouse becomes abusive. Seems like Ring is just waiting for a wrongful death lawsuit.

I’m also surprised that only spouses are complaining. There are probably loads of couples living together lawfully with this same problem, and Ring is supporting their imprisonment and abuse.